Sunday, July 01, 2012


A very quiet working week from me this week ~ I got some cabochons cut and fired, a pendant finished and wired up, but not a great deal more in the way of glass work.
It was just one of "those" weeks as far as work was concerned!  The absolutely hideous weather didn't help much either I might add.

As you may know I've been playing with beads of a night after dinner and trying to teach myself a few new things.
This bracelet got finished last night while I was sort of watching the footy.
I struggled big time with the weave that makes up the base of this and then, with a lot of help from some Facebook friends and a lot of ripping out and swearing ~ all of a sudden it just clicked.  I was one happy little vegemite!!!
175 Swarovski crystals later and some very tiny seed beads it was done. 

Seems like I was on a bit of a purple streak ~ these are a group of cabs for an order.  A very unusual colour combination in the glass but I love it!!

And lastly a wreath pendant (also an order) wired up with 14kt rose gold filled wire. It's such a pretty colour, I think much nicer than yellow gold.

 I did have some absolutely fantastic news though ~ I entered a blog competition by Karen from Skunk Hill Studio.  The first prize was this brilliant book she has written on freeform beading and a kit to make one of her awesome bracelets.  YAY!!! Doing the happy dance ~ yes I won it and my kit is on it's way across the big pond as we speak.  More fun to be had!!!!   :^)  :^)

OK ~ back to making dinner for me ~ have a fantabulous week everyone!!!! CYA.......


NEDbeads said...

You bracelet is fabulous, your cabs are gorgeous, and I am SO happy for you that you won such a wonderful prize!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

lyn said...

Thank you so much Nancy!! And thanks HEAPS for your help :^) :^) :^)